Angel wars

The angel wars were a series of devastating battles that took place between the forces of Heaven and Hell. The wars were fought over the fate of humanity, with each side seeking to control mankind.

The first angel war took place shortly after the creation of man. Heaven and Hell fought for control of the first human, but God intervened and granted man free will. This allowed humanity to choose their own path, and prevented either side from controlling them.

The second angel war took place thousands of years later. This time, Hell was led by the fallen angel Diablo, who sought to enslave humanity. Heaven was led by the archangel Tyrael, who fought to protect mankind. The war was fought on Earth and in the skies above, with both sides suffering heavy losses. In the end, Diablo was defeated and Hell was banished from Earth.

The third angel war took place after the fall of the Worldstone. Heaven and Hell once again fought for control of humanity, but this time the humans themselves became involved. Led by the archangel Auriel, the humans of Sanctuary fought against the forces of Heaven and Hell. In the end, Heaven and Hell were forced to sign a truce, and the humans of Sanctuary were allowed to live in peace.

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